How to Travel Without Wrecking Your Diet

Exploring different countries and cities can be a great experience, but it can really throw your diet out of whack! Sticking with your usual meal-prep routine is out of the question, and besides, you’ll probably be wanting to try different foods and local specialties. What’s the point of traveling someplace new if you’re just gonna stick to the same old food? Being in someplace unfamiliar, however, doesn’t mean that you have to let your diet totally fall apart! A little bit of preparation ahead of time can make all the difference. 

By bringing a few nutrition-packed snacks with you, you’ll save time and money, and you’ll return home with your body feeling great! Instead of spending your money on overpriced, mediocre food in airports and train stations, save your food budget for the unique regional specialties and restaurants that you’ve been looking forward to trying. The snacks that you bring along will keep you satisfied in between bigger meals and will control the urge to binge on junk foods. 

travel with out wrecking your diet

Here are the top snack foods we recommend to bring for fitness-minded travelers:


Jerky is a great snack to have on hand while traveling. It provides good quality protein and will help to keep you satisfied in between meals. You can make jerky at home using a dehydrator, or your oven set on a low temperature. Lean cuts of meat are best, as fat will go rancid and spoil more quickly than the rest of the meat. Apply seasoning of your choice or marinate for several hours. Be sure to use plenty of salt, as that will help to extend the shelf life of your jerky. When you are done dehydrating the meat, we recommend storing the jerky with some silica gel packs to help keep moisture levels low to prevent mold growth. Making a big batch of jerky at home is a great value and it gives you total control over the ingredients. Many of you may not want to have soy sauce, sugar, or preservatives like nitrates or nitrites in your recipe, which are commonly found in store-bought varieties. 

Protein Powder

If you’re like us, your vacation might involve hitting the local hardcore gym, going on a challenging hike, or spending the day bouldering. Bringing a protein powder along is a great way to enhance your recovery so you’ll be ready to tackle you next adventure! A protein powder is also a convenient way to fortify your breakfast, especially if you are in a part of the world where your main options for breakfast are pastries and bread. We’re biased, but we recommend our Goat Whey & Coconut Milk formula that comes in convenient travel sized packs or a 1kg pouch.  Each serving provides highly digestible protein, carbs, electrolytes, and MCTs. Check out our delicious bold espresso shake recipe for a great breakfast option!

single serving pouches of goat whey and coconut milk by YHA


fruit and nit trailmix

Trail mix is a convenient snack food to bring along that has a variety of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit that make for a crunchy, chewy, and nutritious blend. The combination of protein, carbohydrate, and fat will give you lasting energy and will keep your hunger at bay while you are on the go! You can customize your blend by adding your own dried fruits, nuts, or even jerky into the mix!

Canned Herring/Mackerel

I know what you’re thinking, “Really? Who travels with canned fish?!” Yes, we know it sounds a bit odd, but fish like mackerel and herring are arguably some of the healthiest foods you can bring! They are an amazing source of omega-3 fatty acids, particularly DHA, which has well-studied benefits for the brain and mood, and they provide high quality protein. Although canned tuna is a more popular choice, it tends to contain high levels of the toxic heavy metal mercury, and has a lower amount of omega-3 fats. You can have herring or mackerel in a salad, in a wrap, or straight out of the can. Whatever you choose, make sure to pack a few tins for your trip!

Bonus Tip

Prepare for the unexpected stomach bug

traveler's diarrhea

So this one is not actually a food, but it can be a real lifesaver when travelling to an unfamiliar area. Saccharomyces Boulardii is a probiotic yeast that is effective for preventing or recovering from traveler’s diarrhea, commonly caused by the bacteria E.coli. This is mainly an issue if you are travelling to an area where the food safety practices are not what you are used to, but it can happen anywhere. The last thing you want is to spend your time running from one bathroom to the next! Take some preemptively, or, if you are already experiencing symptoms, take multiple doses throughout the day until you are feeling back to normal.

With these nutrition-packed snacks on hand, you’ll make the most of your travels, and you’ll keep your diet on track.  Happy adventuring!